Who killed the universe?

George Royce — news journalist and ex-adventurer, a man who witnessed the death of a God and wrote about it in his book, Godkiller. He thought his adventuring days were long over, since he hadn’t done it in some forty years. But a demi-goddess has been murdered, and her death foretells the end of the universe. Can George stop the prophecy and save the world?

Does he want to?

Future – Past updates Wednesdays and Sundays, at 12:01 a.m. Chapters are grouped in roughly six-episode arcs, and are separated by Interludes, which follow other characters and their plights.

I take a day off after every Interlude. So if I post an Interlude on Sunday, there’s no post the following Wednesday. Post an Interlude on Wednesday, there’s no post the following Sunday.

This is Billy Higgins’s second serial. His first, a queer superhero comedy called Kinda Super Gay, can be found here. He can be reached at abillyhiggins@gmail.com.

This is a dark story, intended for mature audiences.

Tw: suicide, violence, abuse, alcohol, drugs, and death

(Trigger warnings may be added as the story progresses.)

Header Image provided by Flickr-user BIPIN under the Creative Commons license. Image has been cropped. Original can be found here.


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